Lewiatan Polish Confederation of Private Employers is an association of over 3,750 companies employing more than 700,000 people. Lewiatan is a member of the Tripartite Commission for Social and Economic Matters. It is a member of BUSINESSEUROPE, representing the interests of entrepreneurs and employers before the European Commission, European Parliament and other EU institutions.

Lewiatan PCPE endeavors to ensure Polish entrepreneurs receive better legal protection and unbiased public perception.

Lewiatan PCPE monitors barriers to entrepreneurship and publishes independent macroeconomic expert opinons.

The Public Relations Consultancy Association has been the Lewiatan member since 2001.


The International Communications Consultancy Organization (ICCO) is an international organization of consultancies, the majority of which are PR firms. Currently, the ICCO includes organizations from 66 countries from Europe, Africa, Asia, both Americas and Australia.

ICCO members work together to raise quality standards, address ethical issues, harmonize professional PR consultancy practices, and share knowledge. It offers a platform to exchange experience and present key industry views. The ICCO provides support and counseling by members for members of the organization. Through PPRCA membership in the ICCO, we are signatories to the Stockholm Charter and the ICCO Charter on Media Transparency.

The Public Relations Consultancy Association has been the ICCO member since 2001.


The Union of Associations Advertising Council was established in 2006 on the initiative of advertising and marketing market communities. It is an organisation that has created and managed a system of self-regulation in the area of advertising. The organisation consists of industry associations as ordinary members and companies as supporting members. The Advertising Council has been established in order to create, promote and protect the principles which should be followed by business entities dealing with advertising activity on the territory of the Republic of Poland and Polish entrepreneurs advertising their businesses abroad. Advertising standards have been written down in the form of the Code of Ethics in Advertising, a document constituting a set of rules which define what is acceptable and what is unethical in advertising.

The Public Relations Consultancy Association has been the Advertising Council member since 2020.