The PPRCA is open to all professional Polish public relations firms. All like-minded PR agencies that accept our regulations are welcome as members.

Requirements for member agencies are set out in the PPRCA Articles of Association and include: minimum preceding year service revenue of PLN 1 million or minimum profit from gross sales (fee) of PLN 500,000; no CIT and/or social security contribution arrearages; members must meet the requirements of the Act on Accounting obligations with respect to National Court Register reporting; use of consultant hourly registration system for individual customer service (timesheets); established hourly rates that determine the value of the work of employed consultants and defined job descriptions; procedures describing customer service standards; liability insurance for services rendered; at least 50% of employees must be hired pursuant to stable employment contracts, i.e. based on a contract of employment and/or a contract with an entity conducting business activity.

New association members shall be recommended by at least two current PPRCA members. The association admission procedure requires a new agency member to provide information about experience, clients, shareholders and executed projects.

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